Troubleshoot SAP Query Short Dumps after Upgrade – Error When Importing Object

After a upgrade, sometime SAP query programs assigned to transaction codes terminates with runtime errors.

Few errors I have come across are,

  • Error when importing object FIELDCAT.

  • The generated program does not exists.

  • The generated program mismatches the query definition.

  • Short dump of the type IMPORT_ALIGNMENT_MISMATCH in program SAPLAQRUNT.

Some of the errors like missing program names could be due to transaction not having a parameterized mapping. You can fix these errors by decoding the SAP query program name and re-creating the transaction as a parameterized transaction.

Errors such as “Error when importing object FIELDCAT” could be due to inconsistencies in the automatically generated program of the query.

The current ABAP program SAPLAQRUNT had to be terminated because it has
come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

ABAP short dump Error when importing object FIELDCAT


To correct this error and regenerate the query program go to SQ01 translation and execute the query once. This will clear the inconsistencies.

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