File to File Scenario without IR (ESR) Objects

This article shows a PI integration File to File scenario which is configured to move files from application server location to FTP location.

This interface is able to move any type of file regardless of its structure and extension. For this kind of interface you do not require integration repository objects as file structure is obsolete. This type of interface would be ideal solution if your client is using PI and has a EDI service partner and you need to integrate the iDoc file transfer between ECC and the EDI service partner.

Sender picks up files from application server using a file adapter with NFS protocol communication channel and send to a FTP location using SFTP adapter.

Sender communication channel: Provide the folder location and the file names which should be picked up.

Receiver communication channel: Provide the server name, port, server fingerprint and username/password.

In the integrated configuration set dummy names for sender and receiver interfaces and namespaces. These interfaces are not created in integration repository. Both inbound and outbound interfaces are dummy interfaces.




Message moni: Files are send successfully.

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2 thoughts on “File to File Scenario without IR (ESR) Objects

  1. Subbu says:

    Hi Fernando,

    How to fetch the same file name from sender to receiver without ESR?
    I have selected ASMA in sender file adapter and checked Filename.
    In receiver adapter, I have selected ASMA and checked Filename too and provided dummy in filename schema.
    But I am not getting the same file name, instead I am getting the file name given in file parameter.

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