Do you have a knack for problem-solving? What about exploring new SAP technologies? Have you worked on an interesting technical solution? Or, maybe you’d love to share SAP technical expertise with the world? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes“, you are in the right place!

We are looking for highly motivated SAP consultants who love sharing their experience in SAP technical areas to join the SAP Integration Hub community as contributing authors.

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How does it work?

  • First, submit your application to become a contributing writer.
  • Afterward, the editorial team will review your application.
  • Next, you will be notified via email about the approval and how to write your first article.
  • Then, the editor will work closely with you to review, refine and publish the article.
  • Finally, proudly share the published article with your community through social media.

What are the requirements to become a contributing author?

  1. More than 2 years of experience in SAP with deep proficiency and hands-on experience on the subject you are writing about.
  2. Knowledge and experience in SAP technical areas such as ABAP, HANA, PI/PO, AIF, BI, etc.
  3. Good proficiency in written English.
  4. Knowledge of SEO techniques is welcome, but not mandatory.

What are the guidelines for writing an article?

  1. Articles should be in SAP technical areas of ABAP, PI/PO, HANA, BASIS, Fiori, AIF, etc.
  2. All contributions should be well written, without grammatical errors.
  3. Submitted articles should be original and cannot be published in any other media. 
  4. Articles should be more than 600 words with screenshots and infographics to illustrate the functionalities.

What do I get for writing?

As a contributing author on SAP Integration Hub, not only will you share your knowledge and expertise, but become a published writer. You can use the link to the article in your portfolio, as well as get your name known in the SAP community. Authors don’t get monetary compensation for the articles, but writing for SAP Integration Hub has its perks. Without further ado, here are a few advantages of working with us.

1. Your author profile in each article you write.

Your author profile will be displayed under each article you write. If you own a blog, we can include a do-follow link to your website. Otherwise, we can link directly to your LinkedIn profile giving the readers a chance to connect with you.

3. Your bio featured on “About authors” page, if you write more than 10 articles.

If you write more than 10 articles on the blog, you will get your bio featured on “About contributing authors” page.

4. Exposure to 20 000 monthly users of the blog.

Your articles will be shared with almost 20 000 monthly users who visit our website. Great way to get your name out there and share your ideas!

5. Access to an exclusive members-only SAP Integration Hub Facebook group.

You will be able to connect with us and other members directly through the group.

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