How to Install NWDS for PI/PO

Let’s discuss how to install and set up NWDS version 7.5 for PI/PO development. Although this is a simple guide on how to set up NWDS, it will be helpful for PI/PO developers who only worked with PI/PO swing clients and for people who are new to PI/PO space.

SAP Versions used in the illustration:

  • SAP S4 HANA Fashion 1709
  • SAP PO 7.5
  • NWDS 7.5 SP11

Follow the steps below to install NWDS and configure it for PI/PO development.

Step 1 – Download Netweaver Development Studio

Download NWDS from SAP marketplace using a S-user. The file size of the latest 7.5 SP11 version I downloaded is about 2 GB.

To download NDWS 7.5 Go to link and follow,

By Alphabetical Index (A-Z) -> N -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER 7.5 -> Click on the blue “SUPPORT PACKAGES AND PATCHES” button at the top right corner -> DEVELOPER STUDIO -> NW DEVELOPER STUDIO 7.5

Download NWDS from the SAP Support Packages and Patches
Download NWDS from the SAP Support Packages and Patches


Download NWDS from the SAP marketplace using S user access
Download NWDS from the SAP marketplace


Step 2 – Install JDK

Download and install JDK. I have installed JDK version 1.8.0_162.


Step 3 – Configure eclipse.ini

We need to configure the .ini file with the javaw.exe file location. Usually this file is under C:/Program Files/Java/<JDK version>/bin folder. Find the location where JDK is installed in your local machine if you can’t find it in the default location.

Edit the .ini file in notepad and assign the javaw.exe file location as shown below. I have highlighted the lines I added to the eclipse.ini file.

Configure eclipse .ini file with JDK path
Configure .ini file with JDK path


Configure eclipse .ini file with JDK file path
Configure eclipse .ini file with JDK file path


Step 4 – Configure NWDS Connections

Now configure NWDS connections preference to your PI/PO server.

Go to Process Integration > Change Preferences  > PI Tools Configuration > Connections and add a new connection.

PI Tools Configuration - Add Connections in Eclipse preferences
PI Tools Configuration – Add Connections

Assign the URL in format http(s)://<host>:<port number>.

Add connection to Eclipse PI Connections: PI/PO URL and Name
Add connection to Eclipse PI Connections


Step 5: Connect Your PI/PO Server from NWDS

Using the “Connect” button connect to the new PI/PO server added in previous step.

Connect to PI/PO server from NWDS
Connect to PI/PO server from NWDS

To access ESR and ID perspectives use the menu path Windows -> Perspective -> Open Perspective -> Other

Access Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)

To access ESR perspectives use the menu path Windows -> Perspective -> Open Perspective -> Other -> Enterprise Service Repository

ESR perspective of Eclipse based NWDS
ESR perspective of NWDS

Access Integration Directory (ID)

To access ID perspectives use the menu path Windows -> Perspective -> Open Perspective -> Other -> PI Explorer

Now you can carry out developments directory in NWDS, and objects will be reflected in swing clients.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Steps

While installing NWDS over the years on different laptops, I came across some common issues. Here are some of these issues and how to fix them.

Issue 1 – Eclipse Executable Launcher Unable to Locate it’s Companion Library

Usually, this issue pops up if the NWDS zip file downloaded from the marketplace is not unzipped properly. Also, it can be due to long file paths of Eclipse libraries.

Error popup when launching NWDS. Executable launcher unable to locate companion shared library
Error Information: Executable launcher unable to locate companion shared library

When unzipping the content of the NWDS zip file, use WinRAR instead of the Windows extract option or WinZip. I used WinRAR Portable Version.

Also, extract the content of NWDS directly to your C: drive. If you extract the NWDS to a path like C:/<user>/Desktop/NWDS, the file path could be too long for the launcher to handle. Therefore, install NWDS directly in C: drive in a path such as C:/NWDS. You can always create a shortcut of the launcher on the desktop.

Issue 2: Unsupported JVM Version

Full description of this issue is as follows,

Unsupported JVM error pop up in NWDS
Unsupported JVM Issue

To fix this issue, you need to update the eclipse ini file with the JDK bin folder and javaw.exe file path. This is illustrated in Step 3 of this article.

If you have any questions of how to install NWDS for PI/PO development, please leave a comment below.


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17 thoughts on “How to Install NWDS for PI/PO

  1. Pavel Korinek says:

    Hello Fernando,
    Simple and good instructions. Great!
    Can you still describe how I know the right version of NWDS to install?
    If I do not choose the correct version, I may encounter an error. E.g. error: process model: 5.0. Revision number of process runtime: 4.7.
    Thank you.
    Best regards.

  2. Ross Goodman says:

    I cannot see in this blog how you get the Process Integration as an option in your preferences in eclipse. Is that simply a consequence of changing your ini file content? I have changed my ini file and still do not have PI in my preferences.

  3. Raj says:

    I have downloaded from NWDS and also installed Java1.8.0_201 and updated the javaw.exe path as indicated, however still it is giving error
    “The eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library”. I tried to update “org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.4.0.v20161219-1356.jar” with the one available through jdk but no luck. Any further pointers regarding this?
    I am planning to use this NWDS for SAP PI/PO 7.5.


  4. Raj says:

    I think i was able to find out the reason. The archive that I downloaded from SAP wasn’t extracting correctly neither using standard extraction from Windows nor using Winzip. I have then tried 7zip post which it worked correctly.


  5. Ross Goodman says:

    You never actually mention the physical installation of the studio, you go from STEP 1 downloading the zip file to STEP 2 configuring in eclipse. Just a small leap for mankind!

    • Isuru Fernando says:

      Hi Ross,

      Yes you must unzip the file and install it before you can move forward to configuration. I thought this was an obvious step when you download a zip file that you have to unzip it 😉


      • Chris says:

        Hi Isuru,
        One question, If I’m already using Eclipse for Abap development, do I just need to install a plug-in for PI/PO or do I still need to download it in step 1?

  6. Ayemi says:

    I have problems connecting to Integration Directory with my NWDS 7.5. When i try connecting i get the error:
    “Unsupported Version: SAP Process Integration Designer is supported for AEX usage type from release 7.31 onwards”
    However, I am able to connect to ESR. My PO version is (single stack) 7.5 SP11 patch 0 and I downloaded same version and patch level of NWDS.

    What could be the problem?

  7. Soham Mondal says:

    Hi Isuru,
    After unzipping the file,while I am going to RUN the file, it shows an error: The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need an x86 (32 bit)or x64 (64 bit) version of the program,and then contact the software publisher.

    My system is of 32 bit and trying to install “NWCEIDE11P_13-80002366.ZIP” file.
    Please suggest how to overcome it.

  8. kiran says:


    I have installed 7.5 SP 15, unable to find the process composer and Rules manager inside. Let me know if I have to perform any additional activities for Process composer.


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