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In newer versions of SAP (newer than 6.10 release) best practice is to send emails using BCS interface instead of API1 interface. BCS interface is easier to use than the older API1 interface. Plus you are not required to fill the packing list which makes it less complicated.

These function modules can be used to send email in older versions.


These functions could be replaced by ABAP class CL_BCS (Business Communication Service).


How to handle Email Queues in SAPConnect Send Request (SOST).

When you trigger emails using these FMs or CL_BCS ABAP OO class, queues get generated under SOST (SAPconnect Send Requests). SOST queued emails can be processed using program RSCONN01 (SAPconnect: Start Send Process).

Process SOST queues using RSCONN01


Set correct parameters such that you do not send out unwanted messages and affect the performance of the servers.

rsconn01 address type


Also these messages can be sent manually using transaction SOST.

Execute SOST email queue

ABAP Program to Send Emails using ABAP OO Class CL_BCS.

When using class CL_BCS to send emails there are few basic steps which should be considered. Depending on the email format and attachment type parameter should be set differently.

In the shown example email is send in HTML format with a text file (.txt) attachment. Email subject, body, recipient email and text for attachment are given in the selection screen.

  • Selection Screen

ABAP OO email program selection screen


As we are using HTML email format, body text in selection should be converted to HTML format. When attaching TXT or any other attachments to email, attached data should be converted to “SOLIX” format which is accepted by BCS class. Attachments can be text files, PDF files, world documents etc.


  • Data Declaration

data declaration
  • Setting email subject, HTML email body and initializing.

Set email body
  • Convert Data Formats.

Converting attachment string to xstring, converting xstring to SOLIX format and calculating attachment size.

convert data
  • Adding email recipients and finally pushing the email to SOST.

Add email recipient
Created email in SOST


Email received


Email attachent


Please leave a comment if you have any queries on CL_BCS class, email driver program or SOST.

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  1. Angel Acosta says:

    Thanks , really helpfull, in the case of needing multiple recipients based on distribution lists or custom roles is there any class or fm to do so?

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