Adapter Specific Message Attributes SAP PI

ASMA or adapter specific message attributes are additional information about the message. Each adapter has set of ASMA and these are available in in message header.

These attributes can be accessed in message mapping or routing under namespace

“<Adapter Metadata Object Name of Adapter>”

In this example file and SFTP ASMA are used in file to file scenario to set dynamic file name at the receiver. Sender file name is set to the receiver file name using message attributes.

  • Sender communication channel

Go to advance tab and set the ASMAs. In this example we are using the “File Name” attribute.


  • Receiver Communication channel

Set the dynamic file name variable.

  • Set the variable substitution settings in the advance tab.

  • Configure “AF_Modules/DynamicConfigurationBean” module as below.

Message monitor results and processing log



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