SAP View Cluster Example

View cluster is a logically grouped set of maintenance dialogs. Grouping of these maintained dialogs into one view cluster or one maintenance unit can be based on business or technical relationship. View cluster can be a collection of related tables or views which enable data maintenance in a consistence manner.
In this example there are two tables which are interrelated.
  • Student Master Data – ZSTUDENT_MASTER
  • Student address – ZSTUDENT_ADDRESS


Step 1: Create the two tables and set the foreign key relationship.


Step 2: Create views for each table and create table maintenance dialog.

Go to transaction se11 and use the option “view”.


Go to utilities and select “Table Maintenance Generator”. Repeat the step for both tables.

Step 3: Create view cluster

Go to transaction se54 and select “Edit View Cluster” and provide new cluster name. Click create/change.
Go to object structure and new entries with the view names. Set the header level and the item level parameters.


Generate field dependencies for each view.


Go back and activate the view cluster.

Step 4: Test the view cluster.

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