Convert Spool Requests to PDF SAP ABAP

You can use the standard program “RSTXPDFT4” which converts OTF or ABAP list spools to PDF.
First find the spool request number from SP01.
Then go to transaction se38 and execute the program “RSTXPDFT4”. Provide the file path and spool request number. File could be directly downloaded to a local destination.
Convert spool requests using ABAP program RSTXPDFT4

Spool Requests with More Than 99 Pages:

If your spool request have more than 99 pages, in addition to the above program you have to execute program RSTXPDFT5.

Step 1: Execute program RSTXPDFT4.

Execute the program as shown above. If your spool request have more than 99 pages, pop up will appear to acknowledge to execute program in the background mode. Click yes to proceed.

Step 2: Find the New Spool Request Number.

New spool request number will be created for the background process. Go to transaction sm37 (background and batch jobs) to find the newly created spool request.

Step 3: Execute Program RSTXPDFT5.

Execute program RSTXPDFT5 with newly created spool number to download the spool as PDF file.

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