Proxy Communication Error SLD_NO_OWN_BS

While setting up proxy communication between PI/PO and SAP backend, after a new PI/PO 7.4 single stack server installation, I came across error “SLD_NO_OWN_BS”.

Full Error in PI Message Log:

“SOAP: Call failed: System Error Received. HTTP Status Code = 200: However System Error received in payload ErrorCode = SLD_NO_OWN_BS ErrorCategory = XIServer Parameter1 = ATD Parameter2 = 300 Parameter3 =  Parameter4 =  Additional text =  ErrorStack = Error while reading ID of own business system from the SLD for system ATD and client 300
[^Error “SLD_NO_OWN_BS”]”

How to Resolve SLD_NO_OWN_BS Issue:

This issue is due to SLD not being correctly maintained in the receiver ECC system. You can check the status of the SLD using transaction “SLDCHECK“.

SLDCHECK will show a error status as below.

SLDCHECK Transaction error ‘Connection to SLD does not work’

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To resolve the issue correctly maintain SLD  using transactions “SLDAPICUST” and “RZ70”. Also check Integration Server setting under “SXMB_ADM”.

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Please leave a comment below if you need any clarifications on the troubleshoot steps I have discussed here.


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